Staying with friends ...

The Red Tree House continues to be Mexico City’s number one B&B by providing its guests with genuine hospitality and personal service not found in standard accomodations.
We are not a luxury hotel with grand rooms and formal service. Instead you will find tasteful rooms, beautiful surroundings, congenial hosts, and interesting fellow guests. To help make your stay more enjoyable, our dedicated, professional staff is available to assist you day and night.

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The Red Tree House response to COVID-19
The Red Tree House is taking measures to ensure the safety of our guests and staff while at the same time maintaining the friendly, social environment our customers have enjoyed over the years. Making new friends and reuniting with regular guests has always been an important part of The Red Tree House experience and we want to continue this tradition. Fortunately we are not a large hotel with many guests packed into small public spaces. Instead there are plenty of spacious, open-air public areas so guests can spread out and engage with fellow guests or, if they choose, can keep isolated.

Although breakfast self-service is gone you can still pour your own coffee. Seating options will let you choose to be by yourself or with others. Rooms are serviced daily and have always been super clean. Bleach continues to be part of the cleaning routine. For added assurance, hospital grade sanitizer will be used prior to every new arrival.
Masks and hand sanitizer are also provided.