Guest Information

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We are pleased that you have chosen to stay at The Red Tree House. Here is some information that we hope you will find useful. You probably will want to print this to bring with you, particularly the directions and phone numbers. If you have any questions please let us know.

Your Arrival

Prior to your trip please send us your flight number and arrival time. This will allow us to plan for your arrival and, if possible, to have your room ready if you are coming before check-in time. It also allows us to check your flight status should you be delayed.

Check In and Check Out

We are a customer service oriented guesthouse and we try think of our guest’s needs more than fixed policies. We will have your room ready at least by 3:00 PM but whenever possible it will be ready when you arrive. You are, of course, welcome to arrive early and if your room is not ready you can have coffee and relax or go out and enjoy the day and we’ll move your luggage to your room when it is finished. You don’t have to check out until at least noon and if the next guest is arriving late we are happy to have you stay in your room even longer. And, you are still our guest and welcome at The Red Tree House even after you’ve checked out of your room.

Money Exchange

We generally recommend just getting Pesos using your ATM card when you arrive. If you are bringing currency you will find it easier to change money at the airport than in the city and often the rates are better.

Getting to The Red Tree House

We recommend using the authorised taxis at the airport which cost 240 pesos. If you have more than four people or a lot of luggage a van may be necessary and they are 340 pesos. If you are on an international flight, go right when you exit customs to one of the taxi booths to prepay for the ride. Tell them you are going to Condesa, zone 5. Only use the sitio stands and do not arrange transportation with anyone who approaches you or you may end up in a rogue taxi that will overcharge you. Tipping the driver is totally optional. The encluded map and instructions in Spanish will be useful for the driver.

Uber is one of the best options for getting to The Red Tree House. It is safe, inexpensive, and they are allowed at the airport. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport, just enter your terminal and gate number into the pickup location.

If you would rather have a driver meet you at the airport, we are happy to arrange a pick up. The cost is $60 for up to three people and $100 USD for up to seven people in a van. This covers the cost of the driver, airport parking, and waiting up to an hour and a half beyond your scheduled arrival time. The Red Tree House makes arrangements for transportation with independent drivers as a courtesy to our guests.

If you are not arriving by plane and need other directions, just let us know.

If you need assistance in Mexico City just call us at any time, 5584 3829 when calling from the city.

Culiacan 6 Colonia Condesa

Directions for the Taxi Driver to The Red Tree House in Spanish

Entre Avenida Amsterdam y Campeche Tel. 5584-3829

1. Tomar Viaducto y despues Avenida Nuevo Leon.

2. Pasar Eje 3 Baja California y en el primer semaforo tomar la diagonal a la derecha, pasar la primera cuadra (Campeche) y 50 metros adelante inicia la calle de Culiacan. La casa esta del lado derecho y es de color amarillo. Por la noche el arbol rojo esta prendido.